Red Snapper Releases Report on Investigator Contract Rates

Red Snapper Group brings you its latest independent report analysing the recent Rate Card initiative. 

This rate card has been completed for the benefit of police employers and hirers of contract Investigations staff throughout the UK. It establishes a range of pay rates offered for each specific policing profession across multiple investigations, organisations, and regions.

This is a very important subject for employers and contractors, as the hourly rate is critical to those who choose to be temporary workers.

Research was conducted which discovered the marked differences in rates when comparing high profile independent investigations, police force investigations, regulatory investigations and local authority investigations.

Red Snapper then created the report to shed some light onto why the anomalies occur and the impact for both investigator staff and employers.

This report was written by Red Snapper Recruitment senior account manager, Joe Clifford. Joe has five and a half years experience recruiting for police skill sets for law enforcement organisations within the UK overseas territories for the Red Snapper Group. 

The report is freely available to public, you can access it here