The Future Leadership Mentor Scheme

About The Scheme

As the leading provider of services to the UK’s public safety sector, we are proud to support the Law Enforcement division through our Future Leadership Mentor Scheme, helping police officers pass their National Investigators’ and Sergeants’ Examination.

This unique service allows serving police officers to receive exam as well as one-on-one mentor support from former mid-rank and senior officers. The service is delivered on a remote basis utilising our e-learning service – policerevision, at no cost to participating officers.

How Does it Work?

Each delegate receives 5 hours of one-to-one coaching and access to examination support service Police Revision, which offers hours of video presentations, multiple-choice exam-style questions, presentations on exam technique, and much more.

In addition to the e-learning, our expert mentors provide one-to-one guidance and examination support, personal development and leadership coaching.

As a part of our work with the West Midlands Police we offer members of the force 50 slots every year, if you would like to enroll yourself onto the programme please fill out the application form on this page.

Over the first year 87% of officers from the WMP who enrolled onto the mentoring programme and engaged fully for all 5 sessions of support, passed their exam.

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The Impact of Future Leadership Mentor Scheme

“Johnny (my mentor) surpassed my expectations of what the mentor’s role is. I honestly believe that without the mentoring I probably would not have passed the exam. Johnny gave me clear & effective guidance which kept me on track throughout me studying.”

“Mr Pervaiz was very caring, helpful and approachable. He made sure I fully understood the syllabus, he regularly checked up on me and he answered any questions without any problem. I personally think this was the turning point for me being successfully in the exam.”

“I felt that this mentoring process really helped me as there were times where I hit a brick wall and my mentor really pushed me to continue with my revision and made me continue with my revision which is why I scored so high.”

“I would just like to thank Ricky for all of his help. I feel like he played a big part in me achieving the score that I did. He really helped with my revision and exam techniques and gave lots of advice and guidance regarding being organised and coming up with a plan and sticking with it. It was also really useful to gain the insight into the actual promotion process following the exam and to chat about things that I needed to change going forward in order to be successful.”