Who We Are, Drives What We Do

At Red Snapper we believe in working hard, celebrating our successes, learning from our failures, and always moving forward. We value a positive, can-do attitude, and the desire to challenge status-quo. We believe in learning from everyone around us and constant improvement.

We are committed to providing a healthy, dynamic environment where everyone can truly thrive. Some of the perks of working with Red Snapper include:

  • Professional Development
  • Monthly Team Building Activities
  • Gym Membership
  • Hybrid Work Environment
  • Breakfast Bar
  • Flexible Start Time

We are constantly reminded that everyone matters, that the whole is greater than the sum of any of the parts. There are no ivory towers, no favourites, no graces; we’re all there for each other and management are there with us, as colleagues and peers as well as leaders.

The Red Snapper Group is a great place to work because of the high calibre of Consultants who are experts in their field. The collegiate environment creates a great place for professional development and learning.

Red Snapper is a great employer because of the wealth of opportunities they offer for career advancement. Since joining I’ve had every chance possible for training and development that has allowed me to gain skills and accreditation that I don’t feel I would have received elsewhere. Couple that with flexible working, a stocked kitchen and friendly colleagues, I’m glad I joined.

Being a recent grad, it can be difficult coming into a big company and trying to make your footprint. Here, not only are my ideas and opinions listened to, they’re also valued and encouraged. The Red Snapper Group is a great employer because no matter what level you’re at, your voice is heard.

At Red Snapper, we are committed to supporting our work force and overseeing their continuous development.

We have a dedicated welfare team and a range of training packages designed to help you progress in your career. 

Our workers zone provides you with all important information and documentation to support you in your employment with Red Snapper.

Workers Zone