This Cookie Policy sets out the types and basis of use by us, Red Snapper Group Ltd., of cookies and similar technologies on our website, (our website). This Cookies Policy is effective from 21 May 2018.

‘Essential’ cookies are automatically placed on your computer or device when you access our website or take certain actions on our website. ‘Non-essential’ cookies and similar technologies will only be placed on your computer or device if you have consent to us doing so. In the section ‘About Cookies’ below, you will find information about the differences and function between essential and non-essential cookies.   

For guidelines on how you can provide and/or withdraw your consent to us placing non-essential cookies and other similar technology on your computer or device, please see the information in the section ‘How to accept or reject cookies’.


  • About cookies
  • Types of cookies used
  • Essential cookies
  • Non-essential cookies
  • How to accept or reject cookies

About cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are very small data files which are sent by a website’s server to a web browser, and stored within processor memory or hard drive. There are a range of purposes which they can be used for, including customising a website for a user, helping users with website navigation, improving website user experience, and storing a user’s preferences so they do not need to be set on each subsequent visit.

Essential and non-essential cookies

Cookies can be classified as either ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’.

Essential cookies are either used solely to conduct or facilitate the transmission of communications over a network; or are strictly necessary to provide an online service (e.g. a website or a service on a website) which you have requested.

Non-essential cookies are any cookies that are not essential, such as those that are used to analyse user behaviour on a website (‘analytical’ cookies) or cookies used to display advertisements (‘advertising’ cookies).

Session and persistent cookies

Cookies are classified as being either ‘session’ or ‘persistent’, depending on the length of time they last for after they are placed on your browser.

Session cookies last for as long as your browser is open and will expire when you close it.

Persistent cookies will either expire at a specific point in time or can be manually deleted from your browser, whichever occurs first.

First and third party cookies

Cookies can be classified as ‘first party’ or ‘third party’.

First party cookies: these are cookies placed on your device by our website domain.

Third party cookies: these are cookies placed on your device by third party website domains.

If you require further information about cookies in general, please visit

Types of cookies used

We use the following cookies on or in relation to our website:

  • Site Analytics by Google


            First party


Purpose – To understand how our website is being used in order to improve the user experience. All user data collected is aggregated and anonymised, and as such no actions can be attributed to a specific person.

This is a standardized installation of Analytics that does not use Re-advertising or Display Advertising features.

You can manage your Google Advertising settings for web browsing across the net here –  

You can prevent Google Analytics’ collection of your anonymised data about your use of the Red Snapper website by clicking the dark blue banner located at the bottom of the page across our website.

  • Disable Google Analytics


            First party



Purpose – To remember the preference for subsequent visits that you have disabled Google Analytics across the Red Snapper website and to prevent the service from collecting any information about you or your use of our website.

  • AddThis


            Third party

            Advertising cookies


Purpose – To enable users of our website to share job vacancies with third parties (i.e. colleagues, friends). This form generates an email that is sent to the referred party only, Red Snapper do not receive any data or notification of this action.

  • Hubspot Forms


            First party

            Customer interaction


Purpose: We use Hubspot Forms to deliver specific requested content to you including white papers, industry reports, and guides. Your data will not be used for any purposes other than to provide the requested content to you; additional options are presented on the form to opt-in to receive various types of content updates, however this is not a condition of accessing the content you have requested.

  • BlueKai


            Third party

            Advertising cookies


Purpose: When accessing optional content and resources delivered via our website using Hubspot Forms (e.g. industry reports and whitepapers), Bluekai is used to customise and tailor the pages served to you on our website to align with interests based on your interactions with our website.

You can prevent BlueKai and similar cookies from tracking your use of our and other websites by utilising the ‘Do not track’ function within your web browser.

To do this in each of the popular web browsers, please follow the relevant instructions:

Chrome version 66.0 – Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy & Security. From there you can select the option to ‘Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic’.

Firefox version 60.0 – Go to Options -> Privacy & Security. In this section there is an option to ‘Send web site a “Do Not Track” signal that you don’t want to be tracked’ and select ‘Always’.

Microsoft Edge version 42.1 – Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Privacy & services. From there you can then Turn On the option to ‘Send Do Not Track requests’.

Essential cookies

These are cookies which are necessary for a website to be able to operate as intended or to allow it to provide you with a service on the website which you have requested. We do not use any essential cookies on our site.

How to opt out of essential cookies:

Most web browsers will allow you to block all cookies, including essential cookies. Please note, however, that if you block all cookies, parts of our website and its functionality may not work or display correctly.

Existing cookies can be deleted from your browser by clearing your browsing data and ensuring that the option to delete cookies is selected.

For more detailed information on how to accept/reject and delete cookies, including guidance for specific browsers, please see the section ‘How to accept or reject cookies’

Non-essential cookies

We use the following types of non-essential cookies on our website:

Analytical (or performance) cookies

Functional cookies

Analytical cookies track and gather data about what a user does on a website. These cookies are not essential for our website or its functionality to work. We use the following analytical cookies on our website:

  • We use Google Analytics cookies on our website. Google Analytics cookies help us understand how you engage and interact with our website, including how you came to our website, which pages you visited, for how long and what you clicked on, and your broad location (based on your IP address).

The Google Analytics cookies used on our website is: Site Analytics by Google. These cookies are persistent cookies and expire after two years.

The information we collect using analytical cookies is collected on an anonymised basis.

The legal basis for our processing information about you contained in or obtained from non-essential cookies is our legitimate interests (as per Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation).

Legitimate interests: analysing how individuals use our website to help us improve our website and business. For further information on how we use the information gathered from our use of analytical cookies, please see out Public Privacy Notice, which is available here:

More information:

Google Analytics cookies are classified as first party cookies as they are set by our website domain, although Google collects and processes information from our use of Google Analytics. To find out more about how Google handles information collected from Google Analytics, please see their privacy policy here:

For information on how Google uses data from cookies it uses, please visit:

How to opt out of analytical cookies:

You may opt out of Google Analytics on our website by using the dark blue banner at the bottom of all webpages on this site; or

To opt out of Google Analytics tracking across all websites in general, you can do so here:

Functional cookies are designed for purposes such as enhancing a website’s functionality. These are either not strictly essential for the website or functionality which you have requested to work, or are cookies which serve non-essential purposes in addition to their essential purpose. We use the following functional cookies on our website:

  • We use a Disable Google Analytics cookie on our website. This cookie is to remember your preference to block Google Analytics from tracking your use of our website, and will prevent any data from being collected about you including the pages you visit, your location, and how you reached our website.

The Disable Google Analytics cookie used on our website will appear under the name: ga-disable-UA and will expire on 31 December 2099.

  • Hubspot Forms are used to manage the distribution of content and action requests by website users to provide the requested materials. Details captured within the forms are used to deliver the requested content and to inform Red Snapper of topics of interests and relevant audiences for those topics.

This is a persistent cookie which expires after 24 hours.

Legitimate interest: To understand and inform interested and relevant audiences for additional content and resources, providing direction to Red Snapper about the types of topics its website visitors would like to see. The Hubspot Forms are used to capture the details of the person requesting the content so as to provide them with those resources and any further materials that they request.

  • BlueKai is a persistent cookie that expires after 6 months, which is used when content is requested through Hubspot Forms. BlueKai will remember any browsing preferences for the user and will provide content tailored to any relevant articles or resources related to your requested content.

Legitimate interest: To allow Red Snapper to provide relevant content to visitors of its website based on topics they have previously expressed an interest in by requesting additional resources such as white papers and industry reports.

Advertising cookies are used to display advertisements to you, tailor content to your interests and interactions, and to measure their effectiveness. We use the following advertising cookies on our website:

  • We use AddThis on our website to provide an anonymous mechanism by which users can share website content with colleagues and peers.

Legitimate interest: To provide a means for website visitors to send selected content to their contacts on a one-off anonymous basis.

Third party cookies analyse your use of our website to ensure our website displays as intended in your browser. Third party cookies used in relation to our website include:

  • AddThis
  • BlueKai

To understand how you can opt in or out of third party cookies and instructions for specific browsers, please see the following section.

How to accept or reject cookies

There are a number of different ways in which you can accept or reject some or all cookies. Some examples of methods you can use to manage your use of cookies are detailed below.

You are welcome to block the use of some or all of the cookies we use on the Red Snapper website. However, please be aware that blocking these cookies could impair our website and its functionality or may even render some or all of it unusable.

You should also be aware that clearing all cookies from your browser will delete any cookies that are storing your preferences, which may include, whether you have accepted cookies on a website or any cookies that are blocking other cookies.

You can find more detailed information about cookies and adjusting your browser settings by visiting

Browser settings

You can accept or reject some or all cookies (for example, blocking all third party cookies) by adjusting your browser settings. If you do not know how to do this, the links below will provide you with information on how you can change these browser settings for some of the most commonly used web browsers:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Apple Safari:

Some browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, allow you to browse websites in ‘incognito’ mode. ‘Incognito’ mode limits the amount of data placed on your machine and will automatically delete any persistent cookies placed on your device when you finish your browsing session. There are also many third party applications, plug-ins, and extensions, which you can add to your browser to block or manage the use and storage of cookies.

Existing cookies

To clear cookies that have previously been placed on your browser by websites you have visited, you should select the option to clear your browsing history and ensure that the option to delete or clear cookies is included when you do so.

Google Adsettings

You can manage and opt out of personalisation of advertisements by Google by visiting Google’s ad settings page here and by:

– unticking the button entitled ‘Also use Google Account activity and information to personalize ads on these websites and apps and store that data in your Google Account’; and

– switching the ‘Ads Personalisation’ setting off (i.e. by ensuring the switch at the top of the page is set to the left/grey and not the right/blue).

Alternatively, you can install a free browser plugin here:

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by installing the browser add-on which is available here:

Disconnect for Facebook

You can install a browser add-on tool called ‘Disconnect Facebook pixel and FB tracking’. This will stop Facebook tracking you on third party websites. The tool is available here:

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance Tool

You can opt out of Facebook and other companies that participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe from showing you interest based ads by visiting, selecting your country, clicking ‘Your Ad Choices’, then locating Facebook (and any other companies you want to block) and selecting the ‘Off’ option.

Last edited: 25th May 2018