Red Snapper Group (RSG) is a leading provider of staffing, training, media and business process outsourcing to law enforcement organisations throughout the UK. 

In September 2020, RSG launched its first intake of the Future Leadership Mentor Scheme, aimed at helping officers pass their National Investigators’ and Sergeants’ Exams in March 2021.

This initial pilot scheme proved a huge success, helping the vast majority of candidates attain high pass marks in both their Sergeants and NIE.

Forty-five serving officers were enrolled on the scheme and received examination support services via Red Snapper’s e-learning service, alongside one-to-one mentoring support from former mid-rank and senior officers.

West Midlands Police 

As a part of our work with the West Midlands Police, we are offering 50 slots per year to the force, if you would like to enrol yourself on the programme please apply by contacting Edward Phillips at

Over the first year, 87% of officers from the WMP who enrolled on the mentoring programme that engaged fully for all 5 sessions of support passed their exam. 

Also for this year only RSL a part of the Red Snapper Group will be offering mentees further support through access to additional timed mock exams and seminars to assist officers with passing their exams. 

The pass rate amongst our enrolled delegates in the March 2021 Exams was 74.1%. 

This is compared to the March 2021 national average of 59.5% for the Sergeants’ exams and 66.8% for the NIE.

Our delegates also gave us some impressive feedback about how the one-to-one mentoring as part of the scheme helped them individually:

“I would just like to thank Ricky for all of his help. I feel like he played a big part in me achieving the score that I did. He really helped with my revision and exam techniques and gave lots of advice and guidance regarding being organised and coming up with a plan and sticking with it. It was also really useful to gain the insight into the actual promotion process following the exam and to chat about things that I needed to change going forward in order to be successful.”

John Prince

The pass rate amongst our enrolled delegates in the March 2022 exams

14/18 passed their Sgts exam with mentoring support. 78% pass rate with an average score of 66%

18% – Average increase in NIE exam scores for candidates resitting the exam and had mentoring support

100% of candidates from a Midlands based Police force passed their Sgts exam with the help of mentoring support

We are now looking to provide revision materials and mentoring for the next intake of officers who are seeking support in their NIE, as well as the Sergeants’ and Inspectors Exam this year

You can find more information about each of our mentors on our Meet the Mentors page.

How does the scheme work?

The scheme will enable serving police officers to receive examination support services and one-to-one mentoring support from former mid-rank and senior officers. 

The service is delivered on a remote basis and is completely free for every officer who takes part. 

Each delegate will receive 5 hours of one-to-one coaching and access to market-leading examination support service Police Revision, which offers hours of video presentations, multiple-choice exam-style questions, presentations on exam technique and much more.

All of our mentors have demonstrated they possess the contemporary technical knowledge and the right attributes to provide one-to-one guidance and support for officers preparing for their examinations. 

The mentoring programme will act as an addition to the technical knowledge provided by Police Revision, providing delegates with both insight and more importantly, personal development and leadership coaching.

You can also read a recent article published about one of our mentors, and the scheme itself, on Police Oracle

How can officers apply to be part of the scheme?

Contact Edward Phillips at to find out more and take part.

The scheme is subject to strict governance and safeguarding policies and procedures, it is also fully GDPR compliant.

For any further enquiries about the scheme, simply contact Bhavica Chauhan via