Red Snapper Praised for Managed Services Proposition in line with IR35

The IR35 legislation certainly caused a hiccup across the public sector with confusion over what extent the population of contractors would run for the hills.

The Statement of Works (SoW) process will be of benefit in the long run but as with every major change there came a period of uncertainty.

Red Snapper responded by giving our network the opportunity to work as a managed service. Rob Levene, Managing Director of Bloom praised the strategic development with the following: 

Part of the Bloom supplier community, they (Red Snapper) are providing a managed service to provide police investigators with output-based pricing that can flex, depending on the range and type of activities the police force needs to undertake at that time.  Martin Jerrold, Red Snapper’s Group MD, is clear that this new way of working benefits the public sector. “We wanted to develop our proposition to one which was aligned to the requirements of the client but also incentivised the right behaviour. So moving to a catalogue approach meant that clients could better define their requirement, investigators better understood their brief and are incentivised to get the job done.”.  Again, that’s clear with no grey areas to misunderstand.”

Red Snapper are proud to be part of the Bloom framework, as part of our commitment to supplying the law enforcement and wider public sector with our staffing and outcome based services.